Activities on the property include:


Sitting on the veranda watching the sun set over the World Heritage listed Yengo National Park.


Ø      Relax in the shade of the poolside summerhouse, or have a swim in the salt water pool.


Ø      Go for a leisurely walk around the property. We have planted over 1000 Australian native trees on the property. One portion of the property is native woodland. In this area the Bulga Wattle, Acacia Bulgarensis, a threatened species is growing.


Ø      Stroll around the charming two and half acre house garden. Established in 1997 and planted with Australian native, exotic trees and shrubs.


Ø      Bird watching and Bushwalking. Binoculars are provided in the sitting room for bird watching.


Other Activities include:

  • Wine Tasting
  • Hot air ballooning
  • Golf





Eastern grey kangaroos and red necked wallabies graze on the property. The best time to view kangaroos is early morning or late afternoon.  Kangaroos often eat green tips on the roadside, particularly at dusk, so be alert whilst driving on roads in Hunter Valley Wine Country.

There is a huge number of native bird species to be seen at Green Gables Lodge. Some examples of birds sighted include:


Pallid Cuckoo,    Mistletoe Bird,   Variegated Fairy Wren,  Rufous Whistler,Double-barred Finch,  Speckled Warbler,  Brown Thornbill,  Yellow Thornbill, Willie Wagtail,  Eastern Yellow Robin,  Grey Fantail,  Little ButtonQuail,Cuckoo Shrike,  Laughing Kookaburra,  Blue Wren,  Magpie,  Eastern Rosella,Purple Swamp Hen,  Double Barred Finch,  Crimson Finch,  Western Rosella,King Parrot,  White winged Chough,  Straw necked Ibis,  Magpie Lark,Brown Cuckoo Dove,  Yellow faced Honeyeater, Superb Blue Wren,  White faced Heron,Galah,  New Holland Honeyeater,  White breasted Wood Swallow,  Diamond Dove,Brown Treecreeper,  Eurasia, Coot,  Scarlet Honeyeater,  Swamp Harrier,  Azure Kingfisher,  Grey Fantail,  White browsed Robin,  Blackbird,  White cheeked Honeyeater, White browsed Scrubwren,  Dusty Woodswallow,  Gang Gang Cockatoo,  Circa bird, Australian Kestrel, Grey crowned Babbler, Noisy Friarbird, Wedge tailed Eagle